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Truly Daebak Show Ep. 159 - Stop Asian Hate, and Purple Kiss, Weekly, & MIRAE Reviews [Ponzona, After School, Killa]

March 31, 2021
In this episode we discuss the increasing hate crimes and racism against AAPI people. We suggest you help by supporting local businesses run by AAPI and reporting any crimes you witness to There are also many charities you can donate to such as "Stop AAPI Hate" and "Asian Americans Advancing Justice".
0:00 - AAPI Racism and Hate Crimes
52:45 - Regular Intro
54:02 - What We've Been Listening To
58:46 - Purple Kiss "Into Violet" Album Review
1:16:20 - Weeekly "We Play" Album Review
1:31:45 - Mirae "Killa" Album Review
1:51:47 - Outro For our normal K-Pop topics, we review Purple Kiss, Weeekly, and Mirae's new albums.
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